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  • CleverPet


    A busy dog is a happy dog! Get the tool that adapts over time to engage with smart play, all day. See it in action: http://clvr.pt/vids

  • Kelly Delaney Long

    Kelly Delaney Long

    Wine Junky, Co-Founder of Creative Agency @wearemanifold

  • Jason Trost

    Jason Trost

    CEO/Founder @smarkets

  • Micah Baldwin

    Micah Baldwin

    Executive Coach @highoutput. Angel Investor. Founded or early at 6 startups (4 exits). @amazon @madronaventures alum. Loves dogs, cats & donuts.

  • Bryan Hackett

    Bryan Hackett

    Fascinated by markets in action.

  • Curtis Rhoads

    Curtis Rhoads

    animation/comic/video geek

  • Chris Macomber

    Chris Macomber

    CEO of WhoKnows

  • Overton Loyd Studios

    Overton Loyd Studios

    The rhythm of vision is a dancer

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